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Advising and Registration

The First-Year Experience Office is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about registering for a Signature Course.

First-year Students

First-year students who attend summer orientation should plan on taking their Signature Course in the fall semester. All first-year students are required to take a Signature Course. As a first-year student, you should be able to register for a Signature Course on your own. If you are unable to register on your own, please do the following before contacting our office at (512) 471-4421:

  • Speak with your academic advisor.
  • Look through the course listings and online course schedule.
  • Find the unique number for a course that you would like to register for. Be sure it is listed as “open.”
  • Check when your registration periods are.

For more information on the course you are interested in registering for, you can look at past years’ Course Instructor Surveys.

Transfer Students

Transfer students should plan to take their Signature Course in their first spring semester at UT. There are seats for transfer students available in the fall, however, they are very limited. If you are a transfer student, please first speak to your academic advisor in your department or college about whether you are required to take a Signature Course. If it is determined that you need to take a Signature Course, you should be able to register for an open section of a Signature Course on your own. Please contact us if you need any registr