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Peer-Led Undergraduate Studying (PLUS) assists students enrolled in historically difficult courses by offering class-specific, weekly study groups. Students can attend any study group at any point in the semester to review for an exam, discuss confusing concepts, or work through practice problems.

PLUS is free and open to students enrolled in supported sections and typically begins the third week of the semester.

Supported Courses

PLUS supports challenging courses during long semesters for a variety of departments on campus, including accounting, biology, and social work. Supported courses vary by semester and are added to the program by request. To add PLUS to your course, contact Leta Moser.

PLUS Supported Courses

Information for Instructors

Become a Facilitator

Facilitators are student group leaders currently enrolled in the class who provide a collaborative group study experience. Facilitators must apply within the first few days of the semester; listen for an announcement at