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Administrative Processes and Policies Committee

Committee Roster

  • Patrick Abbott (chair)
  • Jason Casey
  • Lisa Kiewra
  • Vicki Landrum
  • Katie Matteson
  • Melissa Suy
  • Zach Ward
  • Stephanie Washington

Committee Charge

1. Committee Name: Administrative Processes and Policies Committee

2. Committee Sponsor: Tamela Walker

3. Committee Chair:
The committee chair will be elected from the members at the first scheduled committee meeting. The chair will be responsible for any documentation and committee-wide communication.

4. Purpose of the Committee:
The purpose of this committee is to share and discuss procedures pertaining to the administrative procedures (accounting, payroll, travel documents, etc.) of the School of Undergraduate Studies.

5. Scope of the Committee:
The scope of this committee is primarily to provide information and guidance pertaining to the fiscal and administrative policies of the School of Undergraduate Studies. The committee will involve some business affairs training for administrative staff. The committee will also provide a forum for sharing challenges and best practices across units within the School, and it will promote efficient business practices for the school.

Although this committee will not set policies, it may make recommendations about changes to existing UGS policies, and it will be able to implement procedural changes with regard to how particular administrative processes are carried out within the units and the dean’s office.

6. Committee Membership:
The committee should consist of no more than eight members, and each of those members should represe