Tower Tour Schedule

Additional Information

Gain a new perspective of The University of Texas and surrounding community while visiting UT's landmark Tower! Reopened in 1999, the Tower observation deck offers a fantastic view of the campus and Austin. Public access to the observation deck is available only via these escorted tours.


March 5 11:00am-5:30pm Explore UT
  6 CLOSED  
  12 CLOSED Spring Break
  13 CLOSED Spring Break
  19 2:00-6:00pm  
  20 2:00-6:00pm  
  26 CLOSED Easter Weekend
  27 CLOSED Easter Weekend
 April 2 2:00-6:00pm  
  3 2:00-6:00pm  
  9 2:00-6:00pm  
  10 2:00-6:00pm  
  16 2:00-6:00pm  
  17 2:00-6:00pm  
  23 2:00-6:00pm  
  24 2:00-6:00pm  
  30 2:00-6:00pm  
 May 1 2:00-6:00pm  
  7 2:00-6:00pm  
  8 CLOSED Mother's Day
  14 2:00-6:00pm  
  15 2:00-6:00pm  
  16 6:00-8:00pm Graduation Tours
  17 6:00-8:00pm Graduation Tours
  18 6:00-8:00pm Graduation Tours

All tours start at the beginning of each hour.
The Tower houses UT administrative offices, so tours are not conducted during normal business hours.

For inquiries or to make reservations, please call the Texas Union Hospitality Desk at 512-475-6633.