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Cancer Research at UT: A solid foundation for a medical school

Childhood Cancer Survivors, Journey Ahead Requires Support

Thanks to medical advances during the past several decades, most children diagnosed with cancer will survive.

But for kids, beating the disease is a complicated victory. After enduring chemotherapy treatments and surgeries, children and adolescents often return to their "normal" lives feeling isolated and unable to process their ordeal.

That’s where Barbara Jones, associate professor in the School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin, hopes to make a difference. She’s conducting studies of childhood cancer survivors to find out what kind of support they need. Some survivors will benefit from peer support groups. Some may need help understanding their treatment history so they can be their own health advocates as adults.

“The ultimate goal,”Jones says, “is to make things better for these kids and to have some evidence base around psychosocial care for kids who have had cancer.”

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