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Dalby Lab
Cancer Research at UT: A solid foundation for a medical school

Stopping Cancer in its Tracks

For those affected by cancer, it may seem as though the fight for the cure has been waged forever with no end in sight.

But from the battle’s front lines, Kevin Dalby offers a hopeful perspective.

Dalby, a professor in the College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin, says he is optimistic about technological advances that are enabling scientists to develop a more customized approach to treating cancer.

Dalby and his laboratory team are doing their part for the cause: working to create inhibitors of pathways that go awry in cancer cells. Dalby focuses on the activity of protein kinases — how they function in healthy cells compared with diseased cells.

Dalby says he foresees this type of research leading to more personalized medical care in the future, with more specific genetic testing and therapeutics tailored to a patient’s particular needs.

"Before, cancer was trapped in a black box," Dalby says. "Now, one gets the sense that we're lifting the lid and letting some light through.”

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