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Tanya Paull
Cancer Research at UT: A solid foundation for a medical school

Tanya Paull Works on Creating Personalized Cancer Treatment

No two cancers are alike. So why should two cancer treatments be the same?

Tanya Paull, a leading cancer researcher at The University of Texas at Austin, doesn’t think they should be. Paull, a professor in the College of Natural Sciences and the winner of a research grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, is working to develop more personalized medical care so doctors can treat the specific disease of a given patient.

Paull is working to understand how normal cells prevent unregulated — cancerous — growth and the tools required to stop that growth.

“We’re eventually going to be at the point,” she says, “where if someone comes in with a tumor, the doctor who’s treating you will be able to look at the specific combination of mutations that you have and give you a treatment that is known for being effective for that combination.”

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