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Student's goal: Make the greatest impact

Imagine making more of an impact on the world each day than you ever dreamed. Thanks to opportunities at the University of Texas at Austin, that’s exactly what is happening to Mark Goldman.

“By doing research and being involved in organizations on campus, I honed in on time management skills, which enabled me to accomplish so much more in my day than I could have even had imagined.”

Goldman is not alone. A new report based on a survey of 13,120 UT Austin undergraduatesshowed that 89 percent of all undergraduates — and 94 percent of seniors — participate in some kind of research. Those students are more likely to graduate within four years, earn higher GPAs and pursue graduate school than those who don’t take part in research.

The University’s prestige played a major part in Goldman’s decision to apply here. The Junior Chemical Engineering Honors student from Houston said he selected the University “because it is the premiere chemical engineering school in the southwest.”

Goldman leads a busy life in research, academics and out of the classroom. As an Engineering Scholar at The Cockrell School of Engineering, Goldman is currently working in a chemical engineering lab that works with carbon sequestration. During his freshman year, he gained valued experience in a genetics lab. He is also entering his second year as Resident Assistant at Moore-Hill Hall.

With a goal to graduate in four years, Goldman says he is ready to make a “greater impact on the world.”

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