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Dr. Min Liu and her students are using videogame aliens to teach math and science to sixth graders.

Transforming Education with an Alien Rescue

How does Min Liu change the world?

By creating a technology-rich learning environment to help sixth graders tackle difficult scientific concepts and solve problems. In other words, Dr, Liu and her team of graduate students have created a really fun videogame called "Alien Rescue" that puts students in the shoes of a young scientist who must find new homes in the solar system for several different alien species with vastly different habitat requirements.

“Alien Rescue is a good example of inquiry-based learning, which is a highly effective way of teaching critical thinking skills and developing problem-solving abilities,” Liu says. “The program has been successful as a teaching and learning tool for all groups, from gifted and talented to at-risk students. And, according to the teachers, it’s an excellent motivation booster.”

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