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The University of Texas at Austin introduced the current version of its home page in November 2010, following an extensive, community-based redesign process. University Communications and Information Technology Services led the project, in close collaboration with other campus groups. Read more about the Refresh project, which included redesigns for www.utexas.edu, utdirect.utexas.edu and m.utexas.edu


The University of Texas at Austin encourages the use of this site and other university sites as a way to share information and knowledge in support of the university's mission of teaching, learning, research and public service.

The University of Texas at Austin Web space, regardless of the domain address, contains official pages in support of the core mission of the university or related administrative business. The Web space also contains pages created by groups or individuals whose expressed views do not necessarily represent the views of the university.

Site content is subject to change without notice. While most sites are publicly accessible, certain services and information offered online may be restricted to specific users or segments of the university population.

The university does not actively monitor or control Web content. However, when the university receives a notification of an alleged violation of law or policy, we investigate and address violations accordingly. Contact abuse@utexas.edu.


University Communications manages the www.utexas.edu home and core pages. The office has identified content business owners, who manage certain core pages. 

  • Primary, Mission-based Navigation
    • About UT – University Communications
    • Academic – Provost’s Office
    • Athletics – Athletics
    • Campus Life – Student Affairs
    • Community Engagement – Diversity and Community Engagement
    • Research – Research Office
  • Community Navigation
    • Students – Student Affairs
    • Faculty – Provost’s Office
    • Staff – Human Resource Services
    • Alumni & Friends – Development Office

Other Web pages within the utexas.edu and university Web space are the responsibility of the departments that provide the service or information. 

Information Technology Services provides hosting and technical support for www.utexas.edu, utdirect.utexas.edu, m.utexas.edu and many other university Web sites.

For information about community participation for the design introduced in November 2010, read about the Refresh project.


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It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin that official university information published on university websites shall be accessible to all users. Read our Web Accessibility Policy

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The university is committed to building websites that are secure, accessible and standards compliant.  Most popular Web browsers are standards compliant and will work with the majority of university websites. Read Web Browsers for more information.

University Trademarks

The University of Texas at Austin™, Longhorns®, UT™, the seal design, the Tower design, Hook 'em Horns®, Bevo® and all related trademarks are the property of The University of Texas System. Any trademark which identifies or is associated with the UT System may not be used without prior expressed written permission from the Office of Trademark Licensing

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Web Site Sponsorships

The Web Site Sponsorship Guidelines provide academic and administrative departments with guidance and instructions on how to comply with relevant university policy while effectively managing the recognition of sponsors on the university's Web pages. The guidelines also describe appropriate ways to acknowledge donors to administrative events, programs and offices via the Web.

Site History

The current version introduced in November 2010. Previous versions of the site appeared in:

  • 2007 – Updates to 2002 design
  • 2006 – Updates to 2002 design
  • 2002 – Major Redesign
  • 1998 – Major Redesign
  • 1996 – Major Redesign
  • 1994 – Major Redesign, the first version that does not look like a Gopher menu; Web address registered with CERN
  • 1993 – First Web server at the university, with Gopher-like menus

Resources for Campus Web Publishers


We welcome your feedback and suggestions. You may also contact the webmaster or contact listed on the specific college, school, department, individual or organization Web site.