Department of Anthropology

James A. Neely

Professor EmeritusPh.D., University of Arizona

James A. Neely



Archaeology of the Middle East, Mesoamerica, and the American Southwest, with a focus on prehistoric and early historic agricultural strategies, agricultural intensification, as well as water management and technology.


Courses taught:
Cultural Ecology
Village Life and the Development of Urbanism
Irrigation/Water Control Systems
Ceramic Technology

Recent Publications:

"Sassanian and Early Islamic Water Control and Irrigation Systems on the Deh Luran Plain, Southwestern Iran." In Production and Exploitation of Resources, edited by M. G. Morony, pp. 21-42.

The Formation of the Classical Islamic World, Vol. 2. Ashgate Publishing Limited. Aldershot, Hampshire, England. 1999.

"A Lat Susiana Society in Southwestern Iran." In The Iranian World: Essays on Iranian Art and Archaeology Presented to Ezat O. Negahban, edited by A. Alizadeh, Y. Majidzadeh, and S. Malek-Shahmirzadi. Iran University Press. Teheran. 1998. 21pp. (with Henry T. Wright).

"Early Settlement and Irrigation on the Deh Luran Plain: Village and Early State Societies in Southwestern Iran." Museum of Anthropology University of Michigan, Technical Reports, No. 26, 234 pp. Ann Arbor. 1994. (with P. Storch) "Friable Pigments and Ceramic Surfaces: A Case Study from Southwestern Iran," Journal of Field Archaeology, 15 (1988).

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