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Welcome to the Texas Army ROTC Web site at The University of Texas at Austin. Here young, future leaders join an ROTC program designed to create second lieutenants that are adaptable and agile leaders of character for our Army.

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Our Cadet Battalion Executive Officer articulates the importance of ROTC and the successes of our program:

Professional Development and Career Opportunities of Aspiring Leaders

            Much to my surprise, as an aspiring leader in the United States Armed Forces, there are many people who do not understand the processes of, or even recognize the existence of our great nation’s Reserve Officer Training Corpse programs on college campuses. Therefore, there are very few who understand and acknowledge the ample opportunities of professional growth and development that can be gained, with or without contracting into the services after graduation for the university. Within this entry, I will dispense what I believe to be some of the best professional training our nation has to offer through Cadet Command in ROTC programs across the nation, but more specifically those that I have experienced here on the University of Texas at Austin campus on the Texas Army side of the house.

            Since the mandated home front involvement of our nation during the great wars of World War I and II, there has been a growing gulf between the public and military sectors of our society. There is a sense of disconnect and alienation of the military services that have led to the absence of heavy support and understanding of the military’s agenda in American households. This therefore, has decreased the knowledge of how the Armed Forces operate from the top to the bottom of the American public. Engaging in conversations with other university students, very few know the slightest about how exactly ROTC programs work and therefore do not know of the numerous opportunities that they too are able to participate in without promising any obligatory service time.

            If it is professional development that you seek, there is no better place to look than that of the United States Military. Here on campus, the Red McCombs School of Business has sought out the Army ROTC program for an annual leadership seminar due to the reputation of efficiency that the military maintains. During this seminar, graduate students are given various case studies to analyze as well as being put through a gauntlet of mentally and physically stressful activities that all have key goals to be achieved and therefore key leadership attributes to be accesses and then discussed and learned from. This seminar is not only led by senior military officers and non-commissioned officers with generally twenty plus years of experience both in combat and garrison duty, it is executed by third and fourth year cadets who are near their commissioning as second lieutenants in the US Army upon graduation. It is an exciting and engaging event that both parties benefit from.

            Other events and activities that are conducted by the Army ROTC programs are can be highly stressful on both the mind and the body. Such events include the Ranger Challenge competitions that ensue during the fall semester along with the Army Ten Miler and even a triathlon team. The Ranger Challenge team focuses on the ability to adapt and overcome metal stressful obstacles and feats while maintaining pertinent information that they must regurgitate and even formulate plans around at the end of their competitions, namely military tactics. This team must win both regional and brigade competitions in order to be admitted as participants in the Sandhurst Military Academy International Competition in West Point, New York. This was last achieved by the University of Texas in 2011. The Army Ten Miler team is a long distance running group who are able to travel to the Army Ten Miler annual competition in Washington D.C. encompassing the great monuments of our fore fathers and touring the rich history of the city. The triathlon team participates in at least two competitions each semester here in the surrounding Austin area, with a strict regimen of swimming, running, and biking every week for training. There is also a team that trains with thirty five pound and up ruck sacks and running with that load anywhere from 20-40 miles a week for the memorial Bataan Death March marathon in White Sands, New Mexico missile range during the spring semester.

            Besides all of these extracurricular activities that are available, the normal regimen of a cadet, from freshman to senior, all hold positions responsibility to military standard that can be translated to any field of management in the public and private workforce of our nation. This can all be experienced by anyone who attends the University of Texas and any of its sister schools such as Concordia, Huston Tillitson, and St. Edwards University. It is not required prior to the third year of enrollment into the ROTC program for anyone to serve time in the actual military services during or after graduation. Upon that third year of enrollment though, due to training expenditures one must contract into a service in order to continue training. Again, there is no obligation prior to this point, but the Army, and all services, provide great scholarship opportunities to those who do intend to serve their nation. There are countless experiences and opportunities available to all those who strive to better themselves in today’s society and the ROTC programs of campuses across the nation are no exception.

Jacob Henderson

Cadet Battalion PAO, Retired


In the pursuit of knowledge, cadets prepare themselves for leadership by earning their baccalaureate or advanced degree as well as courses specifically designed for leadership and ethical decision making. 


Participation in our physical training program, intramural sports, and 1st place Ranger Challenge team provide our warrior scholars with the resources to reach optimal fitness and test each individual's mental and physical potential. 


Leadership Excellence is achieved through the unity and bond created through camaraderie. The team that is the US Army provides a network of Longhorn Battalion Alumni and many experienced leaders. Through these relationships the Texas Army ROTC program fosters leaders with valuable assets beyond the lecture hall. 

Enter the Profession of Arms and experience endless opportunities not available in a traditional setting. Apply for a full scholarship, serve your country, and graduate with experiences not provided in a classroom, become a US Army Officer.