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Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to questions that potential applicants often ask after having read the information about the UT Graduate School and the Center. Please contact the Center Graduate Advisor if you have questions that have not been covered in the general information that UT and the Center provide, or here.

How do I find out about Women's and Gender Studies courses?

They are listed in the Course Schedule as "WGS". Course Descriptions can be found through the College of Liberal Arts Course Description Database ?If you have additional questions, please contact the Center for Women's and Gender Studies at 471-5765.

Can I major in Women's and Gender Studies?

There is an undergraduate major pending for Women's and Gender Studies. It should be approved by Spring 2007. WGS is broadly interdisciplinary, allowing students to examine gender questions in many areas. A Master's degree is also available at the graduate level.

Where and how do I declare my undergraduate concentration or minor?

You must declare your concentration or minor with your departmental advisor. Students in Liberal Arts may minor or double major in WGS.

With the new WGS major, Concentrations will no longer be allowed in Liberal Arts

Check with your college advisor to see if your college allows Concentrations.

You must also register with the Center for Women's and Gender Studies by completing the WGS Concentration Registration Form in the Women's and Gender Studies Office.

Do I need to write a thesis (WGS 360) to complete my concentration or minor in Women's and Gender Studies?

No, the thesis is optional for a concentration in WGS and not required for a minor.

How do Women's and Gender Studies credits appear on my transcript? How does my Women's and Gender Studies concentration or minor appear on my transcript?

Your WGS credits are listed along with your other courses on your transcript. Upon graduation you must declare your concentration or minor with your departmental advisor and complete the WGS form in order for this service to be performed. You will receive a certificate from Women's and Gender Studies in the mail. Your transcript will also display all the WGS classes you completed.

What types of careers do Women's Studies graduates pursue?

To get an idea of possible careers with a Liberal Arts degree please visit the Liberal Arts Career Services website.

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