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Kevin Thomas to give talk on "Consuming Manhood: Exploring Consumer Culture and the Identity Projects of Black and White Millennial Males"

Tue, October 25, 2011 • 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM • GEB 4.214


as part of the New Faculty Colloquium

Consuming Manhood: Exploring Consumer Culture and the Identity Projects of Black and White Millennial Males

Kevin Thomas, Assistant Professor in the Department of Advertising in the College of Communication, will give a presentation as part of the New Faculty Colloquium Series from 3-6pm in  GEB 4.214.


How do males of the Millennial Generation see themselves and the world around them? How does marketing communication influence their ideas of self and community? What purpose does consumption have in the (re)formation and expression of their gender, sexuality, and racial identity? This qualitative study critically examines the synergetic relationship between marketing communication, consumer behavior, and socially constructed aspects of self. These relationships are explored by pictorially documenting and juxtaposing the lived experience of twenty black and white Millennial males.

This presentation will highlight three key themes that emerged from discussions with informants. Both sets of informants utilized the marketplace as a means of expressing personal values. However, the modes of marketplace usage varied significantly. Black and white informants demonstrated discordant perceptions of identity potentiality, which impacted their relationship to the marketplace. The concept of identity elasticity was developed to explain this phenomenon. The perception of a post-racial society was shared across white and black informant. However, the lived experience of a post-racial society differed by racial formation.     


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