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Tutorial for Archival Research on Women's Human Rights

Embrey Women's Human Rights Initiative

This tutorial is designed to help you research women's human rights using the archives at the University of Texas at Austin.  As you study women’s struggles for economic, civil, social, cultural, and political rights from various disciplinary perspectives, use primary sources to connect with issues discussed in the classroom.

Some uses for the tutorial are:

  • As an assigned reading for students before they begin an archival research project.
  • As a guide for individual students choosing to use archives as sources for class assignments.
  • As a resource for professors seeking to incorporate archival research on women's human rights into their courses.
  • As a teaching tool in the classroom.
  • By students, staff, and faculty of UT-Austin and neighboring schools.
  • By community members not affiliated with UT-Austin.

The tutorial was created as a resource for the School of Undergraduate Studies Signature Courses on women, gender, and human rights supported by the Embrey Women’s Human Rights Initiative.

Use the links at the bottom of each page to move through all five steps of the tutorial. Or use the navigation bar on the right to choose a particular step.

To start your exploration of the archives, go to Step 1: Find an Archival Collection

This tutorial was created in April 2011 by Amelia Koford as a project for dual master's degrees in Information Studies and Women's and Gender Studies.  Any reproduction of this material should credit Amelia Koford.

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