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sFTP via FileZilla

How to transfer files with SecureFTP using Filezilla

In order to connect to SecureFTP services at the Population Research Center, you must first be connected to the PRC's private UT-VPN group by logging in to with username 'YourEID@PRC' and your UT-EID password.

Install Filezilla on your computer if it isn't already installed.
You can download the latest version for your Windows or Mac OSX computer at

Open FileZilla and enter the following as shown below:

Username: YourPRCUsername
Password: YourPRCPassword
Port: 22


Click on the Quickconnect button to connect to the PRC File Server.

If this is your first time connecting, you will see an "Unknown host key" message pop-up as shown below.  Check the box next to "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache" and click OK.


Once connected, the left side of the screen will show the files on your local computer and the right side will show the PRC network drives that you have access to such as the T: and Q: drives.

Files can be drag-and-dropped back and forth between your local computer and the PRC File Server or you can right click on a file or folder to bring up options for downloading and uploading.


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