Center for Perceptual Systems

David L Gilden

ProfessorPh.D., University of Texas at Austin

David L Gilden


  • Phone: (512) 471-6584
  • Office: SEA 3.244
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Gilden's research interests cover a number of topics in perception and cognition. Visual attention, working memory, and 1/f noises in biological systems are three areas of current concentration. The research in this lab is strongly influenced by the recognition that good data is harder to come by than theory in Psychology. Gilden is a Professor in the Department of Psychology and a member of the Center for Perceptual Systems.


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Semester         Course       Unique No.       Title

2016 Spring      PSY 355       42410        Cognition

2014 Fall          PSY 355M     43750        Cog Psychology of Music
2014 Fall          PSY 458        43760        Experimental Psychology

2014 Spring      PSY 355       44110        Cognition

2013 Fall          PSY 341K     43750         Cognitive Psychology of Music

2013 Fall          PSY458        43820         Experimental Psychology


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