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Dr. Minkah Makalani posts article about Trayvon Martin Case in Mark Anthony Neal's 'NewBlackMan' Blog

Posted: March 27, 2012
Hank Willis Thomas, 2007 - Absolut Reality

Hank Willis Thomas, 2007 - Absolut Reality

Dr. Minkah Makalani, Assistant Professor of AADS, penned a recent blog on the topic of the Trayvon Martin case, published in Mark Anthony Neal's 'NewBlackMan' blog. Entitled "Death without Sanction or Ceremony", the blog post discusses the racial elements of Trayvon's murder and the surrounding media and political discussion spurred by his killing:

"It is important to remember that the very racial elements that made Trayvon Martin’s killing tragic and cause of national outcry are the very elements that render invisible the killing of less “respectable” black men by vigilantes, police, American citizens, and other black men."


Read the full blog here.

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