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Academic Advising

Welcome!  Here is the latest information about fall registration and our advising services.

Internal Transfer Information

During the fall 2014 semester, students interested in declaring the Economics major will be REQUIRED to attend an internal transfer information session. Attending a session will allow students to declare*, as well as to schedule an individual advising appointment with economics advisors in the future.

RSVP is REQUIRED, and space is limited, so please click the link of the desired date below to submit your RSVP as soon as possible. The RSVP link will close two business days before each session to give us enough time to prepare your advising materials! Those who do not RSVP will NOT be allowed to attend internal transfer info sessions.

Fall 2014 Internal Transfer Information Session Dates and RSVP links:

Friday, September 19th from 1:00-2:00pm

Thursday, October 2nd from 3:00-4:00pm

Thursday, October 16th from 9:30-10:30am

Tuesday, October 28th from 4:00-5:00pm (space limited due to registration advising)

Wednesday, November 19th from 2:00-3:00pm

Monday, December 1st from 4:00-5:00pm

*Students who may experience delay in timely graduation by declaring economics will be required to appeal before declaring. The appeal process will be discussed during the internal transfer sessions. 

Fall Registration Announcements

Fall classes begin Wednesday, August 27th!  You can be prepared with the following information about checking your degree progress, add/drop registration dates, online waitlists, the paper waitlist for select ECO courses, and Temporary Prerequisite Waivers.

Checking Your Degree Progress:

  • You can check your progress towards your degree using the Interactive Degree Audit. When re-running an existing audit or requesting a new one, you have the option to have the audit count ‘future registered courses’. This way you can make sure the classes you are taking are keeping you on track!

Add/Drop Dates:

  • Monday 8/25 - Tuesday 9/2: Add yourself to classes and waitlists ONLINE through September 3rd. Check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) now for your access times!

  • Wednesday 9/3 - Friday 9/12: You can only add classes through the department's advising office. You can continue to drop yourself from classes ONLINE without penalty.


Online Waitlists:  Online waitlists will be active from Monday, August 25th through Tuesday, September 2nd. 

  • Go to the See My Waitlists page to check your status on the waitlist and make sure there are no errors preventing you from being added to the class. 
  • After Tuesday 9/2, courses can only be added through the department offering the class. The waitlist process will continue for certain ECO courses with our internal ‘paper waitlist’.

ECO Paper Waitlist
: Starting Wednesday, September 3rd at 8:00am, our advising office will begin a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED paper list for certain ECO courses.

  • You MUST be on the list and a seat MUST become available.
  • We do NOT transfer you from the online list to the paper list, so you have to come sign up in person!
  • Read the Econ Times emails for more updated information on which classes will have a paper waitlist available.

Temporary Prerequisite Waivers

Prerequisite Documentation Due Wednesday 8/27:   If you received a TEMPORARY Prerequisite Waiver during registration, documentation for transferred prerequisite coursework is due by 4:30pm on Wednesday 8/27 to AVOID BEING DROPPED:

  • Send transcripts to UT Admissions once you've completed your prerequisites.  Click here for details.
  • If you send transcripts later than mid-August, please ALSO plan to bring documentation to the Economics Advsing Office like: a copy of transcript, printed grade report, etc.
  • Claim credit on the Student Testing Services website here.
  • If you aren’t sure you can provide documentation by Wednesday 8/27, please touch base with our office.

Requesting a Temporary Prerequisite Waiver: 
If you need to register for an ECO class but you don’t have the prerequisite coursework posted to your record yet (example: transferring credits from summer school), request a Temporary Prerequisite Waiver using this survey link OR come in person to the Economics Advising Office. Click here to read the policies for Temporary Prerequisite Waivers.

Advising Sign In

Our office provides a variety of advising services throughout the year. We offer both appointment and walk-in advising at select times depending on what you would like to discuss. Please stop by or call our office to find out about our upcoming walk-in hours or to schedule an appointment. When visiting our office, please bring your UT ID card so that you can swipe-in at our reception desk. The first available advisor will meet with you. If you prefer to meet with a specific advisor, you may request them.

Web resources-- For the most updated information about department events, registration information, internship/employment, and other opportunities for economics majors visit us online: on Facebook, on our blog, and on our Twitter page.

Just have a quick question? Or need help with a registration issue? Our reception staff can help-- no need to wait to see an advisor! Just let them know what you need and they will help you, or set you up to see an advisor if necessary.

Advising Chart

Advising Services

General Advising, Registration Advising, Strategic Advising, Success Advising, New/Prospective Major Advising

General Advising is open to anyone, on a walk-in basis, and includes everything from answering quick questions to helping you sort out a problem. General Advising is available year-round but may be limited during the Registration Advising period and in the first twelve class days of the semester.

Registration Advising sessions are quick (20 minutes or less) meetings to review your degree audit and discuss your courses for the coming semester -- by appointment starting a few weeks before registration (economics majors will be notified by email). Registration Advising is NOT required for economics majors unless they are new to the major or are on scholastic probation. If you would like to see an advisor, please call our office for an appointment. Please come to your appointment prepared to ask questions and take notes. These are brief sessions focusing on the upcoming semester only (for long-term planning see Strategic Advising).

You can prepare for registration on your own by taking the following steps:

  • Check your registration times and see if you have any registration bars on your Registration Information Sheet.
  • Review your degree audit to see what requirements you still need to satisfy.
  • See the course schedule online for course options.
  • If you just need help with a registration issue, like accessing a class, our reception desk staff can help you-- no appointment is necessary.

Strategic Advising is open to all economics majors, by appointment, year-round except during Registration Advising periods and the first 12 class days of each semester. In Strategic Advising sessions, an advisor works with you to develop a plan to graduation--incorporating course selection, extracurricular opportunities, and university programs and services--tailored to your academic/career interests and goals. Advising sessions take approximately 45 minutes. Please contact our office to make an appointment. All Economics majors are encouraged to participate in at least one Strategic Advising session. The best time to schedule a Strategic Advising session is during sophomore year.

Success Advising is required for economics majors who have fallen below a 2.0 cumulative GPA and have been placed on scholastic probation. Students will be notified by the College of Liberal Arts Dean's Office of their probationary status and will be directed to make an appointment with their advisor. If you are on scholastic probation you will have a registration bar on your record and will need to meet with an advisor in our office to get it cleared. Contact our office for an appointment. In Success Advising sessions, your advisor explains the terms for getting off scholastic probation and/or avoiding scholastic dismissal, and discusses with you strategies/services for improving academic performance. The session takes approximately 20 minutes.

New/Prospective Major Advising is available for individuals planning to pursue or considering a major in economics. We are happy to answer general questions about our program either by phone, email, or in-person by appointment. See also the "Prospective Student" link and the other Undergraduate links in the column to the left.

Undergraduate Advising

Location: BRB 1.114
Phone: 512-471-2973
General questions: email
Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday from
8:30am - 4:30pm
Closed daily from
12:00pm - 1:00pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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Advising Coordinator
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