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Sam Kieke Named 2014 Dean's Distinguished Graduate

Sam Kieke Named 2014 Dean's Distinguished Graduate

We are thrilled to announce that Arabic Flagship Program and Middle Eastern Studies student Sam Kieke was named one of the twelve Dean’s Distinguished Graduates for 2014. Mr. Kieke majored in International Relations and Global Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Arabic Language and Literature.

The Liberal Arts College instituted the DDG program to recognize graduating Liberal Arts students who have distinguished themselves in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service to the college and university community. They are often honors students or those who have undertaken extensive undergraduate research projects. Others are active in leadership positions in the college, university, or community.

In their letter of recommendation, faculty of the department described Sam as “a truly exceptional undergraduate student who embodies the values of excellence in academic achievements, leadership, collegiality, creativity, and openness to other peoples and cultures… Sam graduates as one of the most distinguished and linguistically accomplished of the seventy UT Arabic Flagship students in the past seven years. In reaching Advanced-Mid proficiency in Arabic before graduating from college, Sam is in an elite group nationally. This represents a remarkable achievement for an undergraduate who started Arabic at the absolute beginning level.”

Sam has contributed to Khallina Arabic Cultural Project, the first online resource for learning Arab culture. He has also been and Arabic Flagship Mentor for the past two years, helping his peers understand Arabic Culture and succeed academically.

Sam will be studying in Egypt next year through the Center for Arabic Study Abroad.

We are very proud of Sam and look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future.


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