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Jacqueline Woolley, Chair The University of Texas at Austin, SEA 4.212, Austin, TX 78712 • (512) 475-7596

Believing Behavioral Science: Field Experiments Testing Experts' and the Lay Public's Judgments of Scientific Findings

Fri, May 9, 2014 • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM • SEA Library, 4.244

Cognitive Science Area Meeting

Speaker: Dr. David Yeager

Behavioral sciences such as psychology have produced large volumes of findings that are relevant to understanding and addressing some of society's most pressing issues.  Yet these findings are often not fully implemented.  Why not?  This talk begins to explore two of the many possible causes of the underutilization of behavioral science evidence.  It does this by carrying out novel field experiments using as participants large samples of scientists and non-scientists.




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