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Why Study BCS?

CroatiaBosnian/Croatian/Serbian is a South Slavic language widely spoken in the Balkans.  The BCS language is  spoken by the majority of inhabitants of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and other states and provinces of the region, as well as by immigrants around the world.

The region in which BCS is in use--the central area of southeastern Europe--is crossed by many important international land and water routes. Thus, BCS is a language of significant strategic importance socio-politically and commercially. Students who learn BCS will have access to a unique treasure of historical, Traditional Dancers in Kosovoartistic, and literary monuments produced at this cultural crossroads of East and West.

Students in Arts and Science often become interested in BCS upon hearing about Ivo Andrić, the famous Nobel laureate in literature who wrote in Bosnian, or Nikola Tesla, the Croation-born Serb who invented the alternating-current generator. BCS is also the language of rich national history, folklore traditions and epic poetry, which inspired Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the Brothers Grimm to learn the language.


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