Su Yeong Kim

Associate ProfessorPh.D. HDFS, University of California, Davis

Su Yeong Kim



Dr. Kim studies adolescent adjustment among Asian and Latino immigrant families in the US, focussing on how immigration influences parenting practices and, consequently, adolescent mental health and school achievement. 

In the area of Health Disparities, Dr. Kim's research focuses on the high levels of mood disorders in the general population of Asian Americans, which is in sharp contrast to the depiction of Asian Americans as the “model minorities” in the US. She also conducts research in the thematic area of Children, Youth and Families, where she frequently draws comparisons on the two most visible immigrant groups in the US, Chinese and Mexican families. Dr. Kim also conducts research in Education and the Transition to Adulthood where she is currently analyzing data from a longitudinal sample of Chinese American adolescents and their parents. In this project, the target adolescents are transitioning into adulthood and the labor force.

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