Department of English



2015 Career Launches and National Recognitions

from top left: Meghan Andrews, Emily Bloom, Cate Blouke, Colleen Eils, Jessica Goudeau, Alba Newmann Holmes, Rachel Mazique, Stephanie Rosen, Rachel Schneider, Dustin Stewart, Rachel Wise

2015 Faculty Teaching Awards

from top left: Assistant Professor Chad Bennett, Associate Professor Daniel Birkholz, Professor Jerome Bump, Associate Professor Coleman Hutchison, Assistant Professor Allen MacDuffie

Dr. Wojciehowski's Humanities Research Project
Dr. Wojciehowski present her book project that traces Michel Foucault’s evolution as a philosopher and the events of the late 60’s that radicalized his thinking. She examines how his relationships with student activists and abuse from the Bourguiba government, lead to new understandings of surveillance, control and censorship.

Creative Writing

Shakespeare at Winedale

Oxford Program