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ProfessorPh.D., 1999, Iowa State University

Clay Spinuzzi



Rhetoric; computers and English studies; genre theory; activity theory; computers and writing; workplace studies; research methods and methodologies.


Clay Spinuzzi is a professor of rhetoric and writing at The University of Texas at Austin. Spinuzzi's interests include research methods and methodology, workplace research, and computer-mediated activity. He has written four books: Tracing Genres through Organizations (MIT Press, 2003); Network (Cambridge University Press, 2008); Topsight (via Amazon CreateSpace, 2013); and All Edge (University of Chicago Press, 2015).

Spinuzzi teaches graduate courses in the Department of English and the School of Information, as well as in the Human Dimensions of Organizations MA program.



E 388M • Actor-Network Theory

35060 • Spring 2015
Meets MW 1100am-1230pm PAR 6

Sociocultural approaches to technology: actor-network theory

In this class, we will examine sociocultural approaches to technology, especially actor-network theory (ANT), a theoretical framework most famously associated with French theorist Bruno Latour. We will examine ANT's possibilities for critically understanding how people interact with technology. ANT is a popular framework in some quarters, but it is also hotly contested by those who understand it and frequently derided by those who don't.

To ensure that we do understand it, we will read works by actor-network theorists and affiliated scholars such as Bruno Latour, Michel Callon, John Law, and Annemarie Mol, as well as various sociocultural critiques of ANT, including those by Nardi and Engestrom. Based on those readings, students will develop an annotated bibliography around a particular ANT concept, define that concept in a literature review, and develop a seminar paper that applies ANT in depth to one or more digital texts.

Students are welcome to this course regardless of their level of familiarization with technologies.

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