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Dr. Kenneth Young is one of the organizers of a new Research Coordination Network (RCN)

Tue, May 22, 2012

Dr. Kenneth Young is one of the organizers of a new Research Coordination Network (RCN) on tropical montane cloud forest ecology funded by the National Science Foundation. The others are Drs. Patrick Martin (PI, Colorado State University), Heidi Asbjornsen, Thomas Giambelluca, and Frederick Scatena.

The central purpose of this research network is to increase interaction and information exchange among scientists, students, managers, and educators interested in the ecology, biogeography, and management of tropical cloud forests. The network will sponsor a series of workshops, research exchanges, and training programs over the next five years.

Tropical montane cloud forests are unique ecosystems found on high, mist-covered mountains throughout the tropics. They play critical roles in biodiversity protection and the supply of water resources, yet they remain one of the world’s least studied environments.

The RCN will build an international research network to help bridge current constraints: 1) limited cross-site and methodological compatibility, 2) little discourse across disciplinary boundaries, and 3) few syntheses of research findings. The RCN will help standardize scientific techniques, promote new technologies and interdisciplinary approaches, and synthesize datasets across regional and global scales.

The RCN’s kick-off meeting will take place at the Ecological Society of American Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, on 7 August 2012. There will be a Special Session entitled “Towards a unified ecology of tropical montane cloud forests”.

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