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Kristie Flannery

Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences, Honours (Class I) in History, University of Sydney



The global Spanish empire, British imperial expansion, Atlantic, Pacific and global history, rebellion, popular protest, revolution, and loyalty.


I completed my Bachelor of Economic and Social Scienes degree at University of Sydney in 2007. My honours thesis was a social history of the great mutiny in the British Royal Navy in 1797.

Before I began my PhD in History at UT Austin, I worked as a higher education policy officer in the Australian Government, and travelled extensively in Asia and Central and South America.

My research interests are focused on Spain's global empire with an emphasis on the Pacific world. My dissertation explores history of the Spanish empire in the Philippines and the Pacific world in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the ‘age of revolutions’. Moving away from a traditional Spanish empire framework, I consider the ways in which the Philippines’ embeddedness in a regional web of empires, and particularly its proximity to and encounters with the bloating British Empire, shaped its distinctive, nineteenth century trajectory.

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