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Kamran Asdar Ali, Director WCH 4.132, Mailcode G9300, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3550

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarship Announcement

Application deadline is April 1st, 2009

Posted: March 16, 2009

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage the study of culture, history, religions and languages of India. An annual scholarship of $500 will be awarded to an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Austin based on academic excellence and dedication to the study of India.

The following are the guidelines for application:

1. To be eligible a student must have taken a minimum of nine semester credit hours in courses relating directly to India, and/or a minimum of two semesters of an Indian language.

2. Students must submit with the application a full transcript of their undergraduate work and two letters of recommendation from professors who are familiar with the applicant’s work in the area of Indian Studies.

Application forms are available from the South Asia Institute, WCH 4.132 or download from link below.

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