Medieval Studies

John M Weinstock

Professor EmeritusPhD, Indo-European Linguistics, Scandinavian Studies, University of Wisconsin (Madison)

John M Weinstock



Norse and Scandinavian Literature


Sami Culture & Civilization, Scandinavian Studies, Norwegian Language & Literature, Scandinavian Music, Scandinavian Linguistics, Old Norse Language & Literature, Wagner's Operas


MDV 392M • Old Norse

40990 • Fall 2010
Meets MWF 1200pm-100pm BUR 232
(also listed as GER 393K)

An introduction to the language and literature of Iceland mainly from the 12th and 13th centuries. The literature includes the Icelandic family sagas, Snorri’s Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda and the important but little loved skaldic poetry. The readings include excerpts from Hrólfs saga kraka (where Bǫðvarr saves Hǫttr from having bones thrown at him); from Kormaks saga (Kormak’s odd wooing of Steingerðr); and from Bjarnar saga hítdœlakappa (a bit of the feud between Bjǫrn and Þórðr over the love of Oddný). By the end of the semester students will be able to tackle any variety of Icelandic prose with the aid of an Icelandic-English dictionary.

A New Introduction to Old Norse, Part I – Grammar by Michael Barnes; Part II – Glossary and Index of Names (Second Edition) by Anthony Faulkes; Part III – Reader (Second Edition) by Anthony Faulkes

Primarily take-home translations


Two Champions of Sami Literature and Culture. L’image du Sápmi III. Études comparées. Textes réunis par Kajsa Andersson. Humanistisca Oerebroensia. Artes et linguae. (Summary in Norwegian)

At the frontier: Saami linguistics aided by other disciplines. Advances in Nordic Linguistics. Ed. Martin Hilpert, Janet Duke, Christine Mertzlufft, Jan-Ola Östman, and Michael Rießler. FRIAS 'Linguae et Litterae' series, De Gruyter Mouton

Assimilation of the Sami: Its Unforeseen Effects on the Majority Populations of Scandinavia. Scandinavian Studies, forthcoming.

“Genetic heterogeneity in Scandinavia: Not only the Sami.” L’image du Sápmi II. Études comparées. Textes réunis par Kajsa Andersson. Humanistisca Oerebroensia. Artes et linguae.

Weinstock, J.M. (2009, December) Thoughts About Saami Prehistory. Samar som “den andre”, samar om “den andre”: Identitet og etnisitet i nordiske kulturmøte. Else Mundal & Håkan Rydving (red.). Saami dutkan – Samiska studier – Saami Studies 6. Umeå universitet.

Weinstock, J.M. (2009, December) What Goes Around Comes Around: Sámi Time and the Question of Indigeneity. ELA.

Weinstock, J.M., Laila Stien.. & Tr. John Weinstock.. (2007) Antiphony. Nordic Studies Press, Chicago..

Weinstock, J.M. (2005, July) The Role of Skis and Skiing in the Settlement of Early Scandinavia. The Northern Review #25/26.

Weinstock, J.M. (2003) Skis and Skiing: From the Stone Age to the Birth of the Sport. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press.

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