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Texas Office of the Governor - Rick Perry

Spring 2009 Site Review

Student: Government Senior
Position: Texas Governor’s Fellowship Intern

A typical day for me participating in the Texas Governor’s Fellowship Program might very well be different from any other student participating in the same program. Even though there are over thirty fellows, we are all dispersed among the different divisions of the Office of the Governor Rick Perry. I for example, work in the Economic Development and Tourism Division and more specifically, with the Domestic Expansion and Recruitment Team.

My schedule was broken down into four-hour shifts, five days a week, for a total of twenty hours. This is the amount of hours mandated by the program. I would start the shift usually by checking my email at work, checking for any assignments or projects from my co-workers. Often times, I will have emails forwarded to me by them; the information in these emails often times have to be documented to input into the project database. I would read these emails and summarize the information, and then input into the database.

Another task that I got into the routine of doing was helping assemble promotional material for upcoming presentations. This material could be anything from shirts with company logos, to preparing packets of pertinent information to consultants, to packaging items for upcoming trips.

Making phone calls and sending emails to various people around the state is something that I found myself doing a lot – this helped refine my communication skills. I would contact these various people with the goal of learning more information about a particular project, or to request updates from previous projects. Finally, like most interns, I also had the duties of making copies and organizing or filing office supplies and office documents.

The bulk of my internship activities revolved around helping in the various steps that are necessary when the state of Texas offers incentives to companies to expand here in our very own state.

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