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U.S. Senate, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Fall 2009 Site Review

Position: Government Intern
Student: History Junior (Austin)

The duties of an intern at the Austin office of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison include answering phones, sorting the mail, making copies, filing, monitoring media mentions of the senator as well as clipping the newspaper. The interns will also assist the caseworkers and other staff members with special projects.

A day in the life of an intern will begin with clipping the articles marked by the staff assistant as well as the mentions of the senator.Then the clips will be faxed up to the Washington Office. The intern will then need to check the voicemail and register the constituents’ comments in the congressional database inter track. After the other offices have uploaded their clips to the computer drive, the intern will print all of the clips and bring them to the state director.

When the mail arrives, it's the intern's responsibility to open the mail, sort it and get it to the respective places or recipients. After the mail is sorted, the invitations need to be copied and faxed to the Washington office while the original copies are sent to the correct regional director’s office.After the mail is completed, the intern is now free to assist the other staff members with various projects. The projects might include things like filing, entering data into inter track, and copying.

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