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Club Med

Club Med is not an ordinary vacation spot but a community that provides an environment that appeals to all ages, genders, and cultures. It creates a relaxing and fun atmosphere for vacationers. The Club Med community is set up as a village and is located in numerous spots all over the world. Knowledge of French and Spanish is particularly valued and in some cases mandatory.

Looking for a place to teach salsa dancing, manage a day-care center, be a bartender, manage a spa, teach kayaking, golf, fitness, scuba diving, or skiing? Club Med might be the place for you. There are over 90 professions available in the Club Med villages and Club Med employs about 15000 people.

Potential fields of employment include:

Show Activities; Catering
Child Supervision Health/Well-being
Excursions Technical services
Administration & Management Sales Water and Land Sports

The first locations entry-level employees are usually sent to include Colorado, Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, Tahiti, and the Bahamas. Following the initial 6-month employment, you can request an international assignment.

All employees at Club Med are called G.O.'s which is abbreviated for the French word for Congenial Host.
At your interview
emphasize that you enjoy working with people, not that you want to travel. Highlight your outgoing nature and adventuresome personality. Be persistent. Let them know you'll be interested any time a vacancy occurs.

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