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Robert Vega, Director FAC 18 / 2304 Whitis Ave. Stop G6200 78712-1508 • 512-471-7900

Crash Course in Investment Banking and Consulting Careers

Application deadlines are in Aug & Sep - will you be ready to make your application stand out? 4/14 • 12-1 pm • RSVP Required

Posted: April 7, 2015

Are you interested in working in the investment banking or consulting fields?

If so, attend this workshop to make sure you're ready to apply for these highly competitive careers.

Most investment banks and some consulting firms recruit for their full-time positions only once a year, between mid-August and early September. So, if you are graduating in December 2015 or May 2016, you will need to apply soon. With that in mind, our goal is to help you gain a glimpse into consulting and investment banking careers and to learn what you can do to prepare.

Our workshop goals include:
Industry - gaining a better understanding of what analysts and consultants do
Timing - planning the most effective time to start your search
Resources - finding job postings and other related resources
The Process - preparing for and submitting a strong application

Workshop Details
Date: Tuesday, April 14
Time: 12-1 pm
Location: CLA 1.302E
Register to Attend via your BTT Gateway Account [Here]

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