Faculty Governance Committee

The PRC Faculty Governance Committee is composed of eight elected and four ex-officio members – the Director, Associate Director, Associate Director of development, and the Assistant Training Director.  The Governance Committee advises the Director on recruiting, budgetary matters, programmatic issues, the allocation of space, and votes in faculty members as Faculty Research Associates, after a request has been made by a faculty member to affiliate with the PRC. The PRC Governance Committee also establishes priorities for research support in the context of the Center’s NICHD R24 infrastructure grant.  All Faculty Research Associates who meet the broadened R24 criteria are eligible for PRC support.

The PRC Governance Committee has established three criteria for providing support to faculty researchers: 

  1. providing support for faculty members with research funded by grants from NIH, NSF, or other federal agencies, or by private foundations (such as the Hewlett, MacArthur, Mellon, and Ford Foundations) that have nationally- and internationally-recognized programs in population research;
  2. providing support for projects supported by the Development Core, or those being developed by other PRC researchers, in the attempt to garner federal or major foundation support; and
  3. providing support for all other research, funded or un-funded, by active faculty members of the PRC.


2015-2017 Governance Committee

  • Debra Umberson, Director
  • Kelly Raley, Associate Director, Training Director
  • Elizabeth Gershoff, Associate Director, Faculty Development
  • Pam Paxton, Associate Director, Statistical/Technical and Computing Core
  • Shannon Cavanagh, Assistant Training Director
  • Aprile Benner, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences
  • Robert Crosnoe, Professor, Sociology
  • Michael Geruso, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Mark Hayward, Professor, Sociology
  • Leticia Marteleto, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Chandra Muller, Professor, Sociology
  • Becky Pettit, Professor, Sociology
  • Stephen Russell, Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences

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