PRC Researchers Publish New Population Reference Bureau Bulletin on Educational Attainment and Mortality

Tue, July 16, 2013
Hummer & Hernandez PRB Bulletin cover
Hummer & Hernandez PRB Bulletin cover

PRC Faculty Research Associate and Sociology Professor Robert A. Hummer and PRC Postdoctoral Fellow Elaine Hernandez recently published a new PRB Bulletin, "The Effect of Educational Attainment on Adult Mortality in the United States." 

In the bulletin, the authors "examine educational differences in U.S. adult mortality and life expectancy. [They] provide a balanced and up-to-date portrait of the key results and implications of research in this area. [They] address five major issues: What is the current association between educational attainment and adult mortality? Have educational differences in adult mortality changed over the past 50 years? Why do such wide educational differences in adult mortality now exist? What are the policy implications of recent education-mortality research? And what are the implications of recent work in this area for future education-mortality research?"

Read the bulletin here.

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