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Yekaterina Cotey

Yekaterina Cotey



Language Background: Russian (Native), English, Polish, German.
Supervising Faculty:Thomas Garza, Elizabeth Richmond-Garza


My research interests include the works of Alexander Pushkin and Fyodor Dostoevsky, English and Russian novel in the 19th century, English and Russian folklore and folk superstition, interconnection of literature and folklore, the 19th century popular journalism, representations of uncanny children, everyday life in Victorian England.

C L F323 • Russian Myths And Folk Tales

82660 • Summer 2014
Meets MTWTHF 1000am-1130am BUR 228
(also listed as ANT F325L, REE F325, RUS F330 )
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Designed to explore the rich folkloric traditions that for centuries have shaped Russian national identity, literature, music, visual arts, and film. We will examine the multiple facets of Russian folklore, including fairy tales, folk superstitions, and magical rituals, such as divination, that gave their participants the sense of control over their everyday life. In our survey of folk superstitions, we will identify the main supernatural beings of Slavic folklore (demons; household and nature spirits; revenants and shapeshifters) and explore how their Otherness was used for shaping normativity and defining cultural values.


Ivanits, Linda. Russian Folk Belief

Afanas'ev, Aleksandr, Russian Fairy Tales

Propp Vladimir, Morphology of the Folktale



  1. Class attendance and active participation  20%
  2. Twenty-minute group presentation  30%
  3. Short reaction paper to a work of literature, art, or film (2-3pgs)  20%
  4. Research paper (10-12pgs)  30%
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