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Plan II Alumni & Friends


Plan II Alumni & Friends (P2AF) serves as a communication and resource group for graduates of Plan II who wish to connect with each other and with current students.


  1. Alumni Communication
  2. Program Support
  3. Association Structure
  4. Administrative Support

Alumni Communication

Plan II alumni commonly express a desire for three things: an Online Alumni Directory and simple tools for Socializing and Professional Networking.

1. Online Alumni Directory: Alumni want to know where to find each other, by class, by region and/or by profession.

Opting In: To create an Online Alumni Directory, alumni must volunteer their information. Privacy laws restrict personal information that can be released by the University, so alumni must come forward to 'opt in' to an information-sharing network like Plan II Alumni & Friends.

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Updates: The Plan II Alumni Liaison will oversee the collection and publication of volunteered information in the Online Directory, using it to facilitate both regional events and electronic networking.

2. Socializing: Alumni want to stay in touch with each other in-person and electronically.

Reaching Out: Using the Plan II alumni website and social media, alumni can share news, events, photo, videos, and notes.

In this first ‘Charter Year’, alumni will also be called on to help the Plan II Alumni Liaison publicize the creation of the Alumni Network in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary and Reunion.

Administration: The Plan II Alumni Liaison will maintain and make updates to the Alumni section of the Plan II website and will serve as the administrator for social media.

3. Professional Networking: Alumni want to meet and make contacts, both geographically and professionally.

Coming Together: Information about where alumni are living and what they are doing will be volunteered and collected. This will allow the Executive Secretary to facilitate annual or semi-annual gatherings in various cities. Regional gatherings based on Professional Alliances will be useful for new graduates as well as alumni who have recently changed jobs and/or locations.

Coordination: The Plan II Alumni Liaison will assist Regional Chapter Leaders and area members in coordinating regional meetings and reunions.

Program Support

Student Recruiting, Mentoring and Program Funding are three important ways that alumni in the Association can help current students.

1. Student Recruiting: Many alumni vividly recall the anxiety associated with the choices that loomed before deciding to come to the Program. Each year, the Program sponsors a series of Yield Receptions for high school students who have been accepted into the Plan II Program but who may not have decided to come to UT.

Yield Receptions: Attending Yield Receptions is a way for alumni to help calm the anxieties of students who are making the same decision. Alumni are invited to these events to provide stories of success and a perspective on their educational experience that will hopefully reinforce the desire of students and their parents to come be part of the Plan II experience.

Invitations: Plan II Alumni & Friends will invite local alumni to attend one or more of the annual Yield Receptions. These events are held each spring at the homes of alumni in Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

2. Student Mentoring: Many Plan II alumni have expressed an interest to mentor current students by providing firsthand information about graduate schools and careers. Each year, the Program sponsors Career Week to help graduating seniors with basic questions about their careers and potential graduate degrees.

Career Week: Attending Career Week is a good way for alumni to share personal stories to help students calm the anxiety associated with the choices that loomed before graduation. Since alumni understand how academic and career goals are translated into actual experience, they can use personal narratives to speak directly to students who are making post-graduation choices.

Invitations: The Plan II Alumni Liaison will invite alumni to participate in a panel discussion on campus during the annual Career Week in the Spring.

3. Program Funding: Many Plan II alumni know from experience that the Program supported them in many ways that were unseen by them at the time and have expressed a desire to give back. Two ways that giving back will make a noticeable difference to students are in Administrative Support and Study Abroad.

Administrative Support: Support for scholarship administration, civic engagement activities and academic programs is a real but often unseen Program need. These are ongoing expenses that are continually being curtailed by budget cuts.

Study Abroad: For many alumni, traveling abroad was a defining experience in their undergraduate career. In the past few years, support from several key alumni has assisted hundreds of Plan II students to travel abroad for study. While not covering the entire cost of travel, these grants sufficiently offset the cost for many students to take advantage of a study abroad experience.

Association Structure

The Advisory Board will consist of the Regional Chapter Leaders and will report to the Director, who may also make special appointments.

Regional Chapter Leaders will be selected annually by the Program Director in consultation with the Advisory Board. Up to two Chapter Leaders per region may be selected to serve for two-year staggered terms.

Association Members may join and remain active in the Association by confirming directory information and pledging support to the program annually.

Membership: There is no cost or fee associated with membership. Members will be encouraged to make an annual donation to the Program, but only at a level that they can reasonably expect to sustain every year. The Alumni Liaison will coordinate with Regional Chapter Leaders to conduct an annual membership campaign.

Contributing to Program Support by maintaining a membership in Plan II Alumni & Friends is a simple and direct way for alumni to ensure that today's students have the same privileges and experiences that they enjoyed while students.

Administrative Support

The Plan II Alumni Liaison will serve as Executive Secretary for the Association, reporting to the Director and the Advisory Board. This Program staff member will bridge the gaps that naturally occur between individuals (alumni; Plan II students and staff) and organizations (College of Liberal Arts; UT Development Offices; Texas Exes Association).

Most administrative support functions of the Association--including the organization of annual or biennial Chapter Meetings/Reunions and Professional Alliances--will be carried out by the Executive Secretary.

The Executive Secretary will provide the administrative support necessary for the following functions:

  • Maintain an online Alumni Directory
  • Publish regular E-Newsletters
  • Update Plan II Alumni Web Pages
  • Monitor and update Social Media
  • Facilitate Professional Networking
  • Invite alumni to participate in Student Recruiting & Mentoring
  • Conduct an annual Directory Update & Membership Campaign
  • Followup on Funding Pledges
  • Report on Funding Disbursements
  • Organize the 75th Anniversary and Reunion
  • Organize Regional Meetings/Reunions

Chapter Meetings/Reunions will be organized annually or biennially by the Executive Secretary, as part of an annual Directory Update and Membership Campaign.


East Coast
New York
West Coast
Los Angeles
San Francisco

Professional Alliances will be organized as categories based on information volunteered for the Online Alumni Directory.

  • Health Care
  • Law
  • Academics
  • Business
  • Government
  • Finance
  • Civic Engagement

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