Department of Religious Studies

Karl Galinsky

Ph.D., Princeton

Floyd A. Cailloux Centennial Professor of Classics, University Distinguished Teaching Professor
Karl Galinsky



Roman literature | Augustine culture | Greco-Roman religion | social memory


R S 386M • Roman Religion

43757 • Fall 2016
Meets TTH 200pm-330pm CLA 0.124
(also listed as C C 383, LAT 390)

Will also be offered as C C 383.

Roman religion was an essential component of the Roman state and Roman civilization and we will study it within this larger political, social, and cultural context.  Ipso facto, therefore, the approach is interdisciplinary, involving literature (from poetry to historiography), epigraphy, art, architecture, and archaeology.  Students can therefore suit their own research interests; together we will look at basic aspects, such as Greek, Etruscan, and other appropriations; priesthoods; festivals and the calendar; the imperial cult; foreign cults (Isis, Mithras); and the construction of religious memory. For students taking it as LAT 390 there will be some additional meetings where we’ll focus on selected Latin texts.  A major research paper will be required in addition to shorter seminar reports.

Basic text: M. Beard, J. North, and S. Price, Religions of Rome, 2 vols. (Cambridge 1998).

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