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Launch of Balochistan Archives Webstite by Hafeez Jamali

Sun, September 15, 2013

We are pleased to share with you the news of the official launch of Balochistan Archives (Pakistan) website and its Facebook page The website is an information portal on documents of historical significance for scholars, civil servants, and citizens interested in the history, culture, and politics of Balochistan Province, Pakistan. Currently Balochistan Archives hold more than 27,000 original files, 5,000 rare books and manuscripts, and 300 rare maps pertaining to Balochistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Persian Gulf. These collections reveal the policies and practices of tribal management and frontier governance on the North West Frontier of India. In addition, the records of Balochistan Archives shed light on the conduct of British relations with Afghanistan, Iran, and the Persian Gulf and drawing of regional boundaries such as the Goldsmid Line (1872), Durand Line (1893), and Baloch-Afghan Boundary (1896). The website has several features which would be of interest to scholars including a searchable catalogue of our holdings, finding aids to our collections, and a digital collection of select books, manuscripts, maps, and genealogies. Please share this information with colleagues who are interested in studying Balochistan and, if appropriate, announce it on a relevant newsletter or website. 

If you have any questions and concerns, or would like to know more about Balochistan Archives, please contact Hafeez Jamali, Director Balochistan Archives, at Hafeez Jamali is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at University of Texas at Austin. 


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