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Ian F Hancock

Professor, Department of Linguistics, College of Liberal Arts
Professor, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts

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The Honorable Ian F. Hancock is the Representative to the UN (ECO-SOC/NGO Category II) and to UNICEF for the Romani people, and was appointed by President Bill Clinton to represent Roma on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council in 1997. He also is a North American member of the Vienna-based International Romani Parliament. In 1997 he was awarded the prestigious Rafto Foundation Prize for Human Rights (Norway) and was recipient of the Gamaliel Chair in Peace and Justice for 1998. He publishes and lectures widely on Romani civil and human rights, and on the fate of the Romani victims of the Holocaust. On campus, he directs the Romani Archives and Documentation Center. He is also involved in Creole Studies and helps organize a biannual Creole workshop in Miami. His publications include "We Are the Romani People," "A Handbook of Vlax Romani," "The Pariah Syndrome: An Account of Gypsy Slavery and Persecution," and "International English Usage. " He is currently writing three new books: one on the construction of identity, one on the linguistic and historical origins of the Romani people and one a grammar of the Maskogo Creole language spoken in south Texas.


Romani (Gypsy) language (origins, history, civil rights movement); creolization of language; English (dialects, history, spread overseas)