Green Thumbs, Healthy Kids
Jaimie Davis is proving that kids who garden eat better, have improved brain function, and have a lower risk of obesity and related diseases. University of Texas Elementary School students learn to garden. Photo by Alex Wang. It's no secret that the rate of childhood obesity in the United States is rising at an alarming [...]
A Better Way From Here to There
Longhorn Game Changer Chandra Bhat is an expert in understanding how people move through urban environments. His work on long-term transportation planning may help gridlock disappear.
Five Great UT Ideas
From 3-D printing to a battery used by millions, these inventions from UT researchers are worth knowing about. Read more.
Can P.E. Make Kids Smarter?
Physical activity is crucial not only for a child's health, but for academic performance as well, reveals research by associate professor and Longhorn Game Changer Darla Castelli.
Campaign for Texas Goes Out with a Bang
The state's most ambitious fundraising campaign to date concluded Aug. 31, topping its $3 billion goal by $115 million and breaking records in the process.
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