What It's Like to Learn from a Pulitzer Finalist
Go inside the classroom with two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and history professor Jacqueline Jones to see a master storyteller at work.
When Your Homework is a Feature-Length Film
RTF students in Steve Mim's feature film workshop course received film and academic credit for serving as crew on "Arlo and Julie," a quirky romantic comedy that has charmed critics.
The Hard, Expensive — and Exciting Work of Developing a New Drug
Meet faculty members who are hard at work to make sure life-saving drugs get from the lab to the patients who need them most.
May 6 Tower Lighting for Mathematics Prof Caffarelli
Luis A. Caffarelli is the winner of the 2014 American Mathematical Society Leroy P. Steele Prize.
Back with a Vengeance: The Trouble with Defeating Diseases
Resistant bacteria, complex infections, latent viruses. UT researchers are joining forces to fight against infectious disease, and they're moving the needle.
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Academic Dates & Deadlines

July 29, Tuesday: Last class day for nine-week classes.
July 29, Tuesday: Last day to drop a nine-week class.
July 30, Wednesday: Reading day for nine-week law classes.


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Thursday, Jul. 24, 7:30 p.m. -9:30 p.m.: