Department of Art and Art History News

Scott Proctor presents new work at Co-Lab Projects

Fri. September 26, 2014

Detail image of ceramic work with bright orange glaze splattered on black glaze
Image courtesy of the artist and Co-lab Projects

Scott Proctor (M.F.A. Studio Art, 2007) shows new work in Unmentionables at Co-Lab Projects. The exhibition will be on display September 27 – October 4 with reception on September 27. Proctor has shown his work extensively throughout Texas as well as the United States, including Austin's "20 To Watch" exhibition in 2009. Proctor is one of the founding members of MASS Gallery in Austin and continues his position there. Scott is the head of the Ceramics and Sculpture Department at Temple College, Temple, TX. He continues to maintain a studio in east Austin.

Michael Smith presents Threshold

Fri. September 26, 2014

portrait of mike smith and baby ikki personality side by side
Mike and Baby Ikki, 1981. Photo by Kevin Noble

Threshold, is a new site-specific performance developed for the 2014 Nuit Blanche Toronto Festival. The performance takes place in Toronto City Hall's Council Chambers and will engage live performance and video projections edited in real time. Combining the feeling and pace of C-SPAN with the occasional up-tempo breaks featured in the five o’clock news, Smith’s video and performance persona’s overlapping narratives depict Mike and Ikki attempting to do their civic duties against the backdrop of Toronto’s legislature. Lost in their own worlds, the fumbling everyman offers a stark contrast to the ageless toddler, unmoored and eager to experience everything within reach.

Threshold is presented in conjunction with Performance Anxiety, curated by Heather Pesanti for Nuit Blanche Toronto. The performance will occur on October 4.

Janet Brooks exhibits at Link & Pin

Wed. September 24, 2014

paitning of blue flower on yellow to green background
Image courtesy of the artist and Link & Pin.

Janet Brooks (M.F.A. Studio Art, 1981) presents new work in a two person show at Link & Pin. The exhibition is on display September 5 through September 27.

Clara Shin launches new app, BBuzzArt

Wed. September 24, 2014

text logo with large letter "B" overlapped by the word "Art" on yellow backgroun

Clara Shin (M.A. Art History, 2006) has launched a new app/IT startup that provides a social network service for emerging artists, BBuzzArt. Shin completed a MBA after her graduate studies at UT Austin and has worked in auction houses, contemporary art galleries, and as a business consultant before starting BBuzzArt.

Eric McMaster exhibits at Press Street's Antenna Gallery

Mon. September 22, 2014

Hockey players in rink a fraction of the size of a real rink
Image courtesy of the artist.

R. Eric McMaster presents work in An Imperfect Force at Press Street's Antenna gallery. In his work, McMaster features "themes of obedience, vulnerability, resistance, and eventual acceptance. While all of these traits are apparent in sporting events, they can also be found in societal situations; as such his work mixes both easily read, ever-insistent sport regulations and the veiled societal interactions that manipulate humanities’ natural first response." 

The exhibition will be on display September 13 through October 5. McMaster will give an artist's talk on October 2.