Department of Art and Art History News

Assistant Professor Kristin Lucas responds to MoMA/PS1 installation in BOMB Magazine

Mon. April 13, 2015

white overlapping hexagonal and cube shapes on green background

Assistant Professor Kristin Lucas pens a response to Samara Golden's installation at MoMA/PS1 in the spring issue of BOMB Magazine.

California State University Symposium in honor of Linda Schele

Thu. April 9, 2015

white overlapping hexagonal and cube shapes on green background

Professors Julia Guernsey and David Stuart present papers at symposium in honor of the late Linda Schele. The symposium was organized by the Art History Society of California State University in Los Angeles April 10–11, 2015.

Department alumni presenters include:

  • Carl D. Callaway, MA in Art History, 2006
  • Rex Koontz, PhD in Art History, 1994
  • Megan E. O'Neil, MA in Art History, 1999
  • Matthew H. Robb, MA in Art History, 1999
  • Carolyn E. Tate, MA/PhD in Art History, 1980/1986
  • Khristaan Villela, MA/PhD in Art History, 1993/2001
  • Marline D. Werness-Rude, MA/PhD in Art History, 2003/2010

Additional UT Austin alumni include:

  • Manuel Aguilar-Moreno, PhD Latin American Studies, 1999
  • F. Kent Reilly III, MA/PhD in Latin American Studies, 1987/1994
  • David M. Schaefer, MA in Latin American Studies, 2011
  • Elaine Day Schele, PhD in Latin American Studies, 2012

Lecturer Megan Hildebrandt presents exhibition at LIVESTRONG Foundation

Mon. April 6, 2015

brown, black, and yellow pencil and paint marks on paper
Counting Radiation Series, 2012, graphite and acrylic ink on paper , 96 x 54 inches framed

Lecturer Megan Hildebrandt presents work in an exhibition at the LIVESRONG Foundation, co-presented by Art.Science.Gallery. The show will be on view April 16 – May 30, 2015.

Hildebrandt states:

My works on paper examine autobiography via repetition and ritual. I am interested in creating proof of my existence on paper. A litany of marks that monitor moments and months - I mark time in this work. In Counting Radiation, I process the experience of being diagnosed with and treated for cancer at 25. The rolling landscape of tally marks counts the time spent in chemotherapy and CT scans; my memories put onto paper via abstraction.

Alumna Emily Mae Smith presents work in group exhibition at DREI Galerie in Germany

Mon. April 6, 2015

black and violet painting with abstract forms and yellow teapot in middle
The Studio (Sleeping Teapot), 2014, prepared ground, acrylic, oil on linen, 38 x 27 inches

Emily Mae Smith (BFA Studio Art, 2002) presents work in group exhibition Oh, Of Course, You Were Berry Picking at DREI Galerie in Cologne, Germany. The exhibition was co-organized by Rosa Tyhurst and is on view April 10 – May 23, 2015.

Visual Arts Center Artist-in-Residence, Christine Sun Kim, interviewed on Pastelegram's Coronagraph

Mon. April 6, 2015

white overlapping hexagonal and cube shapes on green background

Christine Sun Kim, Visual Arts Center Artist-in-Residence, was interviewed on Pastelegram's Coronagraph by Jeffrey Mansfield.