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Judicial Clerkship Information for UT Law 2Ls

Your 2L year is when we recommend that you prepare your judicial clerkship application. Most judges accept clerkship applications from law students during the spring and summer of your 2L year. Nevertheless, there are a few judges who will accept applications during the fall semester of your 2L year, and others will not want applications until your 3L year. 

Why Clerk?
Types of Clerkships Available
General Qualifications
Application Process
Researching Courts and Judges

To enroll in the UT Law Judicial Clerkship Program, which will assist you in preparing your best application and in navigating the application deadlines, create a Clerkship Applicant Profile on the Clerkship Application Manager (CAM) and sign up for the  Judicial Clerkship Listserv. Make sure for both CAM and the listserv that you are signing up for the correct year—you should pick the year in which you would begin your clerkship, which is usually the same as your graduation year.

The Clerkship Application Manager (CAM) is the online UT Law database portal that centralizes documents and data used in the Judicial Clerkship application process - you will not be using the system to actually apply to any judges. CAM is used for:

  • Application materials
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Judge Information
  • Applicant Preliminary & Final Judge List