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Texas Law Review
The Greenbook, Texas Rules of Form
12th edition (2010)
ISBN: 1-878674-08-0

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[Texas Law Review]
[Manual on Usage & Style, 12th Edition (2011)]
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ISBN: 1-878674-08-0
Edition: 12th (2010)
Pages: 136, soft cover
Price: $11.00 each for orders under 25; $9.00 each for orders of 25 or more. 8.25% tax for Texas residents
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The 12th edition of The Greenbook includes significant updates, including:

  • The addition of an appendix that has a table of notations used on petitions for review in the Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Citations to “West” as the publisher, instead of “Vernon,” in statutes and other rules
  • Updating the statute section to reflect recent statutes codified by the Texas Legislature
  • Updating the chapter on formal advisory opinions to make it more consistent with the practices of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas
  • Increased cross-references to The Bluebook
  • Updating citation examples throughout The Greenbook
  • Updating the section on state bar rules in order to be more in conformity with The Bluebook