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Thank you for your interest in distributing Works found in Journals and Reviews published at The University of Texas School of Law. Each journal maintains its own particular rules for reprint authorization as granted by their published authors. Please view particular reprint instructions by using the menu to the right. Generally speaking, journals are authorized by our authors to grant reprint permission using these rules and criteria:

1. The requestor (you) represent a nationally accredited law school. Exceptions may be available for requests received from other non-profit academic uses. Your approved copies are to be printed and distributed at or below your cost to reproduce the Work. ie, if it costs you $1.00 to create and distribute one copy, you may charge recipients, typically students, $1 to receive the copy. Please contact the author and the journal for details.

2. For-Profit reprint requests and all requests that do not meet the above-mentioned criteria must be placed with the author.

3. For all requests, the author and journal are to be notified of your use. Your email or letter should at least contain the author name and journal cite of Work, the quantity of copies you intend to make, purpose of reprints and a description of who will receive the Work, and any other information that may be relevant for your request.

4. The author and the journal are identified on each copy using standard citation rules.

5. Proper notice of copyright is affixed to each copy of the Work.

If you are interested in receiving professionally printed copies of your Work, please email here, []. As note, it is significantly cheaper to place your reprint order before the issue in which your Work will be found is printed. Standard price for printing, packaging, and shipping reprints is $2.00/copy with the discounts available for higher quantities and few pages.

Journals and Reviews are not official publications of The University of Texas or The School of Law and do not represent the views of the law school or its officers. Views expressed in the journals are those of the authors' and do not necessarily reflect the views of the journals, the School, or the University. Please email for more information, as needed.