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UT Law School Classes - Spring 2008

Intl Litigation & Arbitration

Instructor: Weintraub, R Credits: 3 Course ID: 382R Unique #28670
     Day    Time   Location
   Wednesday 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm TNH 2.124
   Thursday 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm TNH 2.124
Exam Type    Test Date Time      Name Range Regular Room Extegrity Room
  Final Tuesday, May 13 8:30 am -   A-Z

The course considers the special problems of litigating or arbitrating a dispute that has significant connections with more than one country.  Although of obvious interest to litigators, the focus is on planning and drafting to be in the best tactical position should litigation or arbitration result.  Students may not take this course who have taken International Business Litigation.  Topics covered in the course are:

1.  Suing Foreign Defendants
  • Problems of In Personam and In Rem Jurisdiction

  • Agreements Selecting a Forum for Litigation or Arbitration

  • Enjoining Suit Abroad

  • Service of Process

  • Taking of Evidence

  • Currency Conversion

2.  Suits by Foreign Plaintiffs

3.  Recognition of Judgments

4.  The Act of State Doctrine

5.  Foreign Sovereign Immunity

6.  Extraterritorial Application of Public Law

7.  Civil Suits for Atrocities That Violate International Law

8.  Damages Resulting from International Flights

9.  International Child Abduction

10.  Letters of Credit

11.  Arbitration

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