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The University of Texas at Austin strives to create a dynamic and engaging community of teaching and learning where students feel intellectually challenged; build knowledge and skills; and develop critical thinking, creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Honor Code


I pledge, as a member of the University of Texas community, to do my work honestly, respectfully, and through the intentional pursuit of learning and scholarship.


  • I pledge to be honest about what I create and to acknowledge what I use that belongs to others.
  • I pledge to value the process of learning in addition to the outcome, while celebrating and learning from mistakes.
  • This code encompasses all of the academic and scholarly endeavors of the university community.

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“Integrity is the foundation of our reputation, and it is anchored by the University's new honor code.”
Sharon L. Wood
Executive Vice President and Provost, The University of Texas at Austin

Campus Resources

How Faculty Can Honor the Horns

Our honor code celebrates instructors’ commitment to students’ development and academic success while also acknowledging the curiosity, effort, and commitment to learning that students invest in their courses at UT.

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Academic Integrity

Whether you are a first-year student, a senior getting ready to graduate, as UT students, you are the beating heart of our campus. Your decisions, actions, honesty and principles play a critical role — not just in your own academic success, but in the collective pride and integrity that defines the Longhorn community.

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Report or Discuss Concerns

UT cultivates remarkable achievements for the benefit of society, yet that collective brilliance could be undermined by ethical lapses or uncertainty on how to best address a situation. If something doesn't seem lawful, is against policy, or is just not quite right, notify your department’s supervisors or reach out to the University's Compliance and Ethics Hotline.

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