Our MFA candidates have hailed from places as different as western India and northern Idaho, and their backgrounds and experiences are equally diverse.  Some apply directly from undergraduate programs—earning degrees in everything from English to Aerospace Engineering—while others have worked for several years in jobs as varied as copy editor and smoke jumper.  Some have published or produced their work; many have not.  We aren’t seeking writers of a particular aesthetic, but we are looking for those who have a distinct voice and demonstrate a maturity and focus that convinces us they will make the best use of their three years as a Michener Fellow.

At left are links to the publications, productions, and most visible honors won by MCW graduates, but it is far from a complete picture of their successes.  Many students and alumni have not yet seen publication of their fiction or poetry in book form, nor won major national prizes that are listed here, but they publish regularly in journals and magazines, have work staged across the country at regional theatres and festivals, and write full-time for projects for television and film not yet produced.